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Internet off again!

2008-10-29 07:59:36 by DJsnypa

A while ago there was a lightning storm that struck the fibre-optic line near my house so now my internet is offline. They've fixed the line now but I found out that my modem was short-circuted by the lightning too (along with my T.V.'s digital set-top box and my PC's PSU). I got a new modem. And guess what, my network card in my PC is fucked. I got a new PSU but I can't be bothered getting a new network card so I'm at friend's house now to get USB drivers for my modem. Hopefully my internet will be back on tomorrow (in Australian time). By then my new modem will be registered with my ISP and I will have my modem drivers.

I aploigise for not being online for so long but I'm poor so it took a while to afford to buy all this stuff. Also, THERE IS NO GOD, if there is then he's really fucking cruel. I use to like storms until it fucked up my lifestyle. No T.V. and no internet, the only thing that kept me sane was my guitar and FL Studio. Than you Image-Line and thank you Epiphone.


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